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Filecloud 2.1 Update

October 14, 2014


Privacy Mode

Organization administrators can now turn on a feature called “Privacy Mode” which will disable visibility of data, but preserve administrative functionality for higher level administrators (parent orgs, or system admins)

Customizable Email Templates

Allows administrators to customize the emails distributed to new standard accounts and new guest accounts, including the utilization of shortcodes

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Hosted Exchange

25GB Space Outlook 2013 Provided Mobile Access 24/7 Support 24/7 Access From Anywhere


From $15 per user 250GB of File Storage Agent for all devices Web based management 448bit encryption


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    We were looking for a flexible, New Zealand based cloud solution for our information storage needs. We wanted a product that was safe, secure and could be accessed across different devices – no matter where we were operating from. Filecloud is the perfect solution for us – flexible, cost effective and backed by good support.
    Matthew Gibbs - Gibbs Immigration
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